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'''Local H''' is an United States|American grunge duo originally formed by guitarist and vocalist Scott Lucas (musician)|Scott Lucas, bassist Matthew "Matt" Garcia, drummer Joe Daniels (drummer)|Joe Daniels, and lead guitarist John Sparkman in Zion, Illinois|Zion, Illinois in 1987. The members all met in high school in 1987 and founded Local H three years later. After Sparkman's departure in 1991 and Garcia's departure in 1993, Local H signed a record contract with Island Records in 1994, where they would go on to release three albums. They became best known for their radio hit "Bound for the Floor", a single from the 1996 album ''As Good as Dead'' which peaked at No. 5 on the US Alternative ''Billboard (magazine)|Billboard'' Chart. The album ''As Good As Dead'' was also certified gold. Daniels was replaced by Brian St. Clair in 1999, and the group has since issued four further albums. Brian St....
Alias| origin = Zion, Illinois, United States
GenreAlternative rock, post-grunge, grunge, {{nowrap| indie rock}}, {{nowrap| punk rock}}
Years active1987–present
LabelIsland Records|Island (1995–1999), Palm Pictures (2001–2002), Thick Records|Thick (2003), Studio E (2004), Cleopatra Records|Cleopatra (2005), Shout! Factory (2008), Slimstyle (2012), G&P 1999-present
Associated actsThe Tossers, Triple Fast Action, Stendec, The Black Panels, Bruiser (band)|Bruiser, The Prairie Cartel, Rights of the Accused, A Band Called Horse, Caviar (band)|Caviar, The Cold Space, Scott Lucas and the Married Men
Past membersMatthew "Matt" Garcia
Joe Daniels (drummer)|Joe Daniels
Toby (Tobey) Flescher
John Sparkman
Brian St. Clair
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TOPIC atoz
Live concert 123
Local H 29
J Weiss 24
MC930 16
Chicago 10
Local H, Metro, Chicago 6
Local H, Bottom Lounge, Chicago 5
Local H, Durty Nellie's, Palatine 5
Local H, Musica, Akron 5
ATU853c 4
Local H, Grog Shop, Cleveland 4
Local H, H.O.M.E., Arlington Heights 4
local h 4
Local H, 115 Bourbon Street, Merrionette Park 3
Local H, Cubby Bear, Chicago 3
Local H, Double Door, Chicago 3
Local H, Penny Road Pub, South Barrington 3
Local H, The Double Door, Chicago 3
Clearwater Theater 2
Double Door 2
Local H, Basement, Columbus 2
Local H, Beat Kitchen, Chicago, New Years Eve 2
Local H, Chameleon Club, Lancaster 2
Local H, Cheers Pub, South Bend 2
Local H, Cincinnati, Fountain Square 2
Local H, Clearwater Theater, West Dundee 2
Local H, Cleveland, The Grog Shop 2
Local H, Denver, Larimer Lounge 2
Local H, Frankies Inner City, Toledo 2
Local H, Hard Rock Cafe, Pittsburgh 2
Local H, Los Angeles, The Satellite 2
Local H, Otto's, Dekalb 2
Local H, Ottos, Dekalb 2
Local H, Q Billiards, Darien 2
Local H, Reckless Records, Chicago 2
Local H, Shank Hall, Milwaukee 2
Local H, Strack & Van Til Plaza, Hobart 2
Local H, Subterranean, Chicago 2
Local H, The Basement, Columbus 2
Local H, The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor 2
Local H, The Castle Theatre, Bloomington 2
Local H, The Firebird, St. Louis 2
Local H, The Hi-Fi, Indianapolis 2
Local H, The Independent, San Francisco 2
Local H, The Metro, Chicago 2
Local H, The Note, West Chester 2
Local H, Toyota Park, Bridgeview 2
Local H, Troubadour, Hollywood 2
Milwaukee 2
"Local H", "Lemont" 1
2008 NYE 1
6 Angry Records 1
ATU853c's 1
Austin's 1
Double Door, Halloween, Local H, AC/DC 1
Greene Street 1
Greensboro, NC 1
Halloween 1
Here Come The Zoo 1
J. Weiss 1
July 25, 2008 1
Lincolnshire 1
Local H, 7th House, Pontiac 1
Local H, 8x10, Baltimore 1
Local H, Allen County War Memorial Coliseum , Fort Wayne 1
Local H, Altar Bar, Pittsburgh 1
Local H, Beat Kitchen, As Good As Dead, 7 Night Stand 1
Local H, Beat Kitchen, B-Sides & Rarities, 7 Night Stand 1
Local H, Beat Kitchen, Ham Fisted, 7 Night Stand 1
Local H, Beat Kitchen, Here Comes The Zoo, 7 Night Stand 1
Local H, Beat Kitchen, Pack Up The Cats, 7 Night Stand 1
Local H, Beat Kitchen, Twelve Angry Months, 7 Night Stand 1
Local H, Beat Kitchen, Whatever Happened To PJ Soles?, 7 Night Stand 1
Local H, Birch Hill Nite Club, Old Bridge, NJ 1
Local H, Birdys, Indianapolis 1
Local H, Blind Pig, Ann Arbor 1
Local H, Bohager's, Baltimore 1
Local H, Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco 1
Local H, Bowling Green, Howards 1
Local H, Bryce Jordan Center, University Park 1
Local H, Burbank, Carson Daly 1
Local H, Champaign, High Dive 1
Local H, Chicago, Q101 1
Local H, Chicago, Wicker Park Streetfest 1
Local H, Chubby Rain, Poplar Grove 1
Local H, Clifton Park, Northern Lights 1
Local H, Club Laga, Pittsburgh 1
Local H, College Of DuPage, Glen Ellyn 1
Local H, Cosmic Charlie's, Lexington 1
Local H, Cubby Bear North, Lincolnshire 1
Local H, DePaul University Student Center, Chicago 1
Local H, Dekalb, Ottos 1
Local H, Des Moines,The Tri-Point Center 1
Local H, Detroit, Alvins 1
Local H, Duke O'Briens, Crystal Lake 1
Local H, Durty Nellies Pub, Palatine, New Years Eve 1
Local H, Echo, Los Angeles 1
Local H, Empty Bottle, Chicago 1
Local H, Factory, Columbus 1
Local H, FleetCenter, Boston 1
Local H, Frankies, Toledo 1
Local H, Glendale Heights, Shark City 1
Local H, Halloween, Bruce Springsteen 1
Local H, Halloween, Tom Petty, Chicago, Double Door 1
Local H, Halloween, ZZ Top 1
Local H, Hammerstein Ballroom, New York 1
Local H, Hard Hat Cafe, Toledo 1
Local H, Harpers Ferry, Allston, Boston 1
Local H, Heartland, South Bend 1
Local H, High Noon Saloon, Madison 1
Local H, Indianapolis, Radio Radio 1
Local H, Ironton, Rally On The River 1
Local H, Joe's Bar, Chicago 1
Local H, Karma Club, Boston 1
Local H, Khyber, Philadelphia 1
Local H, Kiss, Halloween 1
Local H, Klub Phenomenon, Freeport 1
Local H, Lakeview Links 1
Local H, Larimer Lounge, Denver 1
Local H, Lexington, Cosmic Charlie's 1
Local H, Liar's Club, Chicago 1
Local H, Lyric Room, Green Bay 1
Local H, Martyrs Nightclub, Chicago 1
Local H, Mecca Arena, Milwaukee 1
Local H, Mercury Cafe, Denver 1
Local H, Metro Smart Bar, Chicago 1
Local H, Montrose Room, Intercontinental Chicago O'Hare, Rosemont 1
Local H, New Haven Coliseum, New Haven 1
Local H, New Years Eve 1
Local H, New Years Eve, Chicago, Bottom Lounge 1
Local H, New Years Eve, Chicago, Double Door 1
Local H, New Years Eve, Chicago, The Double Door 1
Local H, Newport, Thompson House 1
Local H, Oasis 160, Chicago Heights 1
Local H, Oasis One Sixty, Chicago Heights 1
Local H, On The Waterfront, Rockford 1
Local H, Patriot Center, Fairfax 1
Local H, Peabody's, Cleveland 1
Local H, Pepsi Coliseum, Indianapolis 1
Local H, Philadelphia, Electric Factory 1
Local H, Q101, Chicago, FM 1
Local H, Rave, Milwaukee 1
Local H, Reverb, Cedar Falls 1
Local H, RocBar, Cleveland 1
Local H, Rock Island, Rock Island Brewing Co. 1
Local H, Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont 1
Local H, Schaumburg, New Years Eve 1
Local H, St. Andrews Hall, Detroit 1
Local H, Sullivans, Midlothian 1
Local H, Summer Solstice Music Festival, Milwaukee 1
Local H, Synergy II, West Chicago 1
Local H, Tailgaters, Boilingbrook 1
Local H, Taylor, Michigan 1
Local H, The Black Cat, Washington DC 1
Local H, The Boardwalk, Orangevale 1
Local H, The Canopy Club, Champaign, Urbana 1
Local H, The Canopy Club, Urbana 1
Local H, The Crowes Nest, Chicago 1
Local H, The Garage, Washington DC 1
Local H, The Gramercy Theatre, New York 1
Local H, The House Cafe, Dekalb 1
Local H, The Magic Stick, Detroit 1
Local H, The Omni Coliseum, Atlanta 1
Local H, The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills 1
Local H, The Patio, Indianapolis 1
Local H, The Rave Bar, Milwaukee 1
Local H, The Rave, Milwaukee 1
Local H, The Regent, Los Angeles 1
Local H, The Rocket Bar, St. Louis 1
Local H, The Troubadour, West Hollywood 1
Local H, The Vic, Chicago 1
Local H, Tinley Park, New World Music Theatre 1
Local H, Toledo, Frankies Inner City 1
Local H, Tribeca Rock Club, New York City 1
Local H, Troubadour, West Hollywood 1
Local H, UIC Pavilion, Chicago 1
Local H, Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis 1
Local H, Vocalo, Chicago, Studio 10 1
Local H: MC930 1
Local, H, Webster, Theatre, Theater, Hartford, CT 1
Mc930 1
Mercury Lounge, Local H, New York 1
Metro 1
Miramar Theatre 1
Newport Music Hall, Local H 1
Ninja show 1
Pack Up The Cats 1
Peluso 1
Roadhouse 1
Rock and Roll Hotel, Scott Lucas, Local H, Busman, Edirol, r-09hr 1
SP-CMS-19 1
Scott Lucas 1
Scott Lucas, Local H, Chalk, Forest Park 1
Scott Lucas, Local H, Door no. 3, Chicago 1
Scott Lucas, Local H, Empty Bottle, Cisko Pike 1
Scott Lucas, Local H, The Gingerman Tavern, Chicago 1
Shark City 1
Spartanburg 1
Taste of Summer 1
Tempe AR 1
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